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I was born in Kyiv, Ukraine, where I live now.

Art was my hobby since childhood, and I tried various forms of it, so I have rather wide than deep skills.

I'm a self-taught person: all I know came out of trial and error and from different open sources like books and especially from the net. Never had any classes or private lessons, except a very basic ones when I was a child.
I like to spread the knowledge further adding my own hints and tips, so I created a plenty of tutorials on different matters.

I chose BJD dollmaking as a synthetic form of art where I can express myself and put my capabilities to a good use. Occasionally I do other projects but most of my time I dedicate to a doll-related stuff.

I love BJDs for the amazing flexibility of possible characters and for their possibility to reveal a various ideas. I think of them as dynamic, interactive objects, that could be not only displayed but also may interact with each other and with their owner. That's why the overall look of the doll and its engineering, ability to take and hold a wide range of poses are equally important for me.

I like to make both large and very tiny dolls, people and animals. I prefer to go beyond a certain format and try different sizes and different grades of stylization.

We're used to an One Of A Kind dolls created and customized by one person from the scratch. But it's common for BJDs to be an outcome of joint efforts of the sculptor and the owner. The same mold can be painted, clothed and presented in many ways. While I design and create a certain characters entirely, I like to observe how others customize my molds.

Though I strive to achieve a certain level of quality that is rather high I'm not a perfectionist. A moment comes when I put aside my tools and brushes and say to myself: enough, the work is done! There is always a room for improvement but it's important for me to stop at the right moment and just enjoy the result.

- ira_scargeear

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