Payment options

I'm an Ukrainian resident, and the biggest issue for me as a seller on the international market is that Ukraine still doesn't have a fully operational PayPal. Ukrainians can only send money and accept it as "friends and family" only. It means PayPal doesn't allow Ukrainian sellers to do business through its services and doesn't provide 180 days protection period for the buyers.


As there are a lot of customers who would like to use PayPal, I use an intermediator - Seller Online. It's a reliable company who provides such kind of services for more than 10 years. Since Etsy decided to kick many Ukrainian sellers out of the market I decided to move my sales to my own site.


I can accept money for physical goods through Seller Online, using their PayPal account and abiding by their rules.


If you want to pay by credit card Seller Online also processes this kind of payments.

Residents of Pennsylvania, USA, have to pay Sales Tax because Seller Online office is located in Pennsylvania. All other customers don't have to pay any taxes along with their order.


Obviously, Seller Online takes a fee on all orders processed through their service.


Seller Online doesn't allow me to sell digital files through personal links, like I do for physical goods. Please read the instructions for purchasing digital files below.


There are other payment options available: PayPal (friends & family), PaySend, Wise, Western Union. You may read about their services by the corresponding links.

All of those payment methods are person-to-person payments. I understand that my customers should have a great trust in me as a company to pay me by those services. Luckily, artist's reputation in our hobby values a lot, and waiting times of many BJD companies barely fit into half a year protection window that PayPal offers, and not so rarely fall out of that window, so you should pay your hard earned money and pray for your doll to come in a couple of months.


I made everything on my side to build a reliable reputation within BJD community and to make sure that the time from placing an order during preorder period to the completion of your order was as fast as possible.


I offer 7% discount on top of the cost of all purchased items and shipping for such payments.


Privatbank card is the payment option available for Ukrainian residents only. Even a greater 15% discount is available for non-international payments.

How to pay for physical goods:

After you've made a purchase in my shop you'll receive an automatically generated email with your order number.

I have to calculate the shipping cost for your order in case of combined shipping. I also create a link for the payment by PayPal or credit card option via Seller Online service, and I will send you a 2nd email with the payment link.

If you chose other payment methods I provide you with the required details also by email.

Please be patient, as it may take up to 1-2 business days for me to send you a 2nd email with payment details.


Please make your payments within 3 days after you received the email with payment details from me. If the payment isn't done in 3 days your purchase will be cancelled.


If you need more time to complete your payment please contact me prior to making your purchase, so we can discuss the terms. Please note that layaways and delayed payments are applicable to a certain items only.

Layaway terms & conditions

I can offer layaway for BJD dolls. You'll see two options in the listing:

- Complete order,

- 3 parts layaway - 1st deposit.

Please choose 2nd option if you want to use layaway.


30% of the doll cost should be paid as the 1st deposit, also shipping cost is added to the 1st deposit.


You'll be sent an email with payment details the same way like it's done for any other order, all of the above applies to it.

Payment details for the 2nd deposit (another 30%, no shipping cost) will be sent to you in 1 month after the first email.

Payment details for the 3rd deposit (remaining 40%, no shipping cost) will be sent to you in 2 months after the first email.

Please make your payments within 3 days after you received the email with payment details from me.


Important: as BJD dolls are made to order and casting services cost a lot, all of the deposits are non-refundable! Please consider your purchases carefully.

How to pay for digital files:

As my intermediator doesn't allow me to accept payments for digital files you can pay in 2 ways:

- PayPal (friends & family),

- Buymeacoffee service.


If you want to pay by PayPal (friends & family), please make your order and wait for the email from me.

Buymeacoffee service allows me not ony to get tipped, but it's a nice tool to accept money for digital tutorials and PDFs. One "coffee" costs 5$. After you place your order on my site you'll get an authomatic email with your order number. You have 2 options:

- buy me as many coffees as needed to cover the cost of the ordered tutorials, and specify your order number in comments, so I could identify your payment easily and mark it as paid. After that you can download the files in your personal cabinet;

- wait for another email from me, so I'll calculate how many "coffees" you have to pay and tell you the amount. When the payment is complete I'll also mark your order as paid and you can proceed with download.


Please note that my tutorials are pretty heavy, like 25 Mb or more, so downloading may take some time depending on your Interned connection. Patterns are not as heavy though.

Last updated: Apr 24th, 2022